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Misool South Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat


Rp 6.550.000,00 / orang

Grade: Medium
May not be suitable for children or teenagers under 17 years old. No formal skill necessary but requires good physical condition.
Quota: 2 persons (Max. 14)
Trip Done
Misool Island is a remote, tropical hideaway, one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, a world-renowned dive destination in the province of West Papua. Located off the west coast of the main island of Papua, directly bordering the Seram Sea, the waters are a veritable traffic lane for many large sea creatures, including whales.

The crystal clear turquoise sea-waters allow spectacular views of Misool’s sub-surface colorful treasures even when still aboard your boat. The sea gardens of Raja Ampat hold 75 percent of all known species of corals and ornamental fish in the world, and boast the highest level of marine biodiversity on the planet.

On land, the wild territory of Misool is one of the most visually breath-taking and captivating sites in Raja Ampat. The island is heavily forested, and at first sight reveals nothing but a thick green carpet of dense forests and mangrove swamps. To the east and west of the island, a maze of limestone pinnacles jut sharply out of the blue sea, carved and eroded by the waves and carpeted luxuriantly in vegetation.

Mari Berbagi Buku Cerdaskan Bangsa dengan membawa minimal 1 (satu) buah buku, kemudian bagikan kepada anak-anak usia sekolah (5-15 tahun) di destinasi trip ini. Foto anak-anak itu dengan bukunya, lalu share foto tersebut ke Twitter, Facebook dan akun media sosial lainnnya yang kamu miliki dengan hashtag #1Traveler1Book.

Price Basic:
Rp 6.550.000,00 / orang

  • Down Payment : Rp 3.300.000,00
  • Installment 2 : Rp 3.250.000,00

Price Include:
Cost Included:
- Shuttle from and to the airport Resort/hotel
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
- Mineral water
- Sea and land transportation
- Entrance fees to tourist attractions
- Documentation upwater and underwater
- Snorkeling Equipment
- Tour Guide Leader/Local Tour Guide Cost

Price Exclude:
Cost excluded :

- PIN entry
- Flight ticket
- Other personal expenses

  • Beach Exploring
  • Island Hopping
  • Photography
  • Snorkeling

Meeting Point:
Pelabuhan Rakyat Sorong

Misool South Raja Ampat
22.00 Meeting point pelabuhan rakyat sorong
23.00 menuju misool ( KM Fajar Mulia II - Shared Room)

Day 2
09.00 Tiba di Pelabuhan Yellu - Misool
10.00 Menuju Nut Tonton Homes
12.00 Check in Makan Siang, Snatai
13.00 Hopping island
17.00 Menuju Nut tonton dan sunset
18.00 Clean up your body
19.00 dinner and free program

Day 3
07.00 Breakfast
08.00 Hoping island
12.00 Lunch Box
13.00 Lanjut Hoping Island
18.00 Menuju Nut Tonton sunset
19.00 Clean up your body

Day 4
07.00 Breakfast
08.00 Hopping Island
12.00 Menuju Nut Tonton
13.00 Makan Siang
14.00 prepare check out
14.30 Menuju pelabuhan Fafanlap/Yelu
17.00 Menuju Pelabuhan Sorong (KM Fajar Mulia II)

Day 5
05.00 tiba di sorong

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Terms and Conditions:

2. Payment is non refundable, except you find other participant for replacing your seat. (applicable for open trip and join trip only)
3. FIRST DP (DOWN PAYMENT) FIRST SEAT. The fastest down payment is paid, the fastest we secure your seat (applicable for open trip and join trip only)
4. If before end of down payment due date, the minimum participants is already full. Automatically registration is closed. (applicable for open trip and join trip only)
5. The down payment amount is 50% from total trip package price.
6. If you are booking for group, please kindly calculate the down payment with total participants for your group booking.
7. The down payment shall be given and paid 2 weeks before event date.
8. The rest of the trip cost of repayment no later than one week before event date.
9. Down payment can be transferred to :
Name of account : SHINTA ISMAYA
Bank Account No : 2101352767
10. Receipt of down payment transferred can be informed to and or with enclosed participants data as detail below :
a. Full Name
b. Gender
c. Age
d. Cell Phone/Whatsapp No (to be added group for open & join trip)
e. Emergency Contact
f. Email
11. Trip will not be held if participants is not paying fully amount.
12. Returns down payment after settlement:
a. 100% full refunds if participants found other substitutes/replacement (applicable for open trip and join trip only)
b. CANCEL Day-6 (six days before event date) returned 50%.
c. CANCEL Day-3 (three days before event date) returned 25%.
d. CANCEL Day-2, Day-1 and Last Minute before event NOT RETURNED.
13. If the minimum participants doesn’t enough :
a. The trip still will be going on but with rearrangement budget as totally participant who come in and agreements between participant and trip organizer.
b. Trip will be reschedule until minimum participant enough. (Participant follow next trip schedule based on Open Trip Schedule)
c. Trip is canceled and down payment or all redemption fees will be returned 100% in the event of cancellation by trip organizer.
14. If there is a force major and nature disaster due to Act of God (a natural hazard outside human control, such as an earthquake or tsunami, for which no person can be held responsible) and RSMDCC (Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage, and Civil Commotions) which will be making the trip will be canceled. The participant could not ask the trip organizer to return the submitted down payment or trip payment if the payment is already paid for booking the accommodation and preparing the events.
15. The down payment can be returned by the trip organizer during Act of God events or RSMDCC, if there is return process from our partner and vendor or covered by insurance, and the details can be discussed later
16. We assume, when participant is paying down payment or full payment, the participant is noted, agreed and understand clearly all details in this agreement trip booking.

Terms and Regulations:
Cost per Package :
2 people : Rp. 11,700,000/person
4 people : Rp. 10.611.000/person
6 people : Rp. 9,300,000/person
8 people : Rp. 8,100,000/person
10 people : Rp. 7,960,000/person
12 people : ,Rp 7,336,000/person
14 people : Rp. 6,550,000/person

Necessary Equipments:

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