Climbing Gunung Parang


Operator: idea trip indonesia  

Rp375.000 / orang

Grade: Light
Safe for everyone, including children. No formal skill necessary.
Quota: 14 persons (Max. 18)
Trip Done
Mount Parang or Gunung Parang (gunung-mountain, parang-machete), is a mountain in the Purwakarta Regency of West Java in Indonesia.

Located between the two main arms of the Jatiluhur Reservoir, this andesite mountain of volcanic rock shows three distinct peaks stretching some 1.5km from north to south, the highest of which is 963m above sea-level. Its 600m cliffs, offering hard rock and scant holds, make it a popular venue for recreational rock climbers.

Mount Parang is "The Park" or "The Mecca" of rock climbing in Indonesia. This mountain has become well-known in the world of Indonesia's rock climbing since 1980, and it is where climbing as a sport started in Indonesia. Any rock climber's list of ascents is regarded as incomplete if he has not tried climbing and creating a new route on Mount Parang, where climbing is different from that of other big walls around the world, since one is subjected to extremely hot and humid weather, rain, difficult rock, and a beautiful panoramic view. Mount Parang has three main peaks, better known as Tower 1, Tower 2 and Tower 3, and several other smaller peaks. Various climbing routes are available, but the more popular climbing route is "240" on Tower 2, made by Skygers, a rock climbing group from Bandung. The route "Special Forces" on Tower 3, was put up by the Indonesian Army's Special Forces. There are many other climbs in the area put up by teams from Indonesia and internationally.

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Price Basic:
Rp375.000 / orang

  • Down Payment : Rp200.000
  • Installment 2 : Rp175.000

Price Include:
1. Transportation AC Semanggi - Purwakarta PP
2. Lunch
3. Mineral water
4. Attraction Tickets
5. Climbing equipment
6. Tour leader
7. Documentation

Price Exclude:
1. Transportation from home to meeting point place
2. Meals out of trip package

  • Family Vacation
  • Mountain Climbing

Meeting Point:
Plaza Semanggi

Climbing Mount Parang via Ferrata - Purwakarta
05:30 : Meeting Point Plaza Semanggi
6:30 to 10:00 : Towards Mount Parang Purwakarta
10:00 to 10:30 : Lunch
10:30 to 11:00 : Briefing and fittings climb equiptment
11:00 to 14:00 : Start climb Via Ferrata
14:00 to 15:30 : Break and clean-up
16:00 to 19:00 : A return trip to Jakarta

idea trip indonesia

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2) FIRST DP (DOWN PAYMENT) FIRST SEAT. The quickest DP, the main list of participant (If before the end of DP time the quota reaches to maximum, automatically registration is closed).
3) Down Payment is half of trip package (50%). Down Payment is IDR 200.000/pax
4) Please send your down payment in 2 weeks before event to :
• BANK BNI Account Name SHINTA ISMAYA 0254180764.Or
• BAN BCA Account Name SHINTA ISMAYA 2101352767
5) If you are booking for group please calculate the down payment with sum of people in your group.
6) The rest of the trip cost of repayment IDR 175.000 no later than 7 days before event.
7) Trip will not be held if you are not paying full payment.
Cool Evidence of transfer should be submitted via:
9) Please complete your data after pay down payment and email Here you should fill :
- Full Name
- Gender
- Age
- Cell Phone/HP
- Emergency Contact
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- Trip Name and Date of The Trip
- BANK Transfer
10) Returns DP after settlement:
- 100% full refunds if participants asked other substitutes.
- CANCEL H-6 (six days before event) returned 50%.
- CANCEL H-3 (three days before event) returned 25%.
- CANCEL H-2, H-1 and Last Minute before event NOT RETURNED.
11) If the minimum quota doesn’t enough :
- The trip still will be going on but with rearrangement budget as totally participant who come in and agreements between participant and IDEA Trip Indonesia.
- Trip will be reschedule until minimum participant enough. (Participant follow next trip schedule based on Open Trip Schedule)
- Trip is canceled and down payment or all redemption fees will be returned 100% in the event of cancellation by IDEA Trip Indonesia.
12) IDEA Trip Indonesia assumes when participant is paying down payment or full payment that agree and understand clearly all details in this agreements and force majure.
13) Noted that itinerary is conditionally. It can be changed during the event because of bad weather, traffic, or others factor that out of from IDEA Trip Indonesia control.

Terms and Regulations:

Necessary Equipments:


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